Top 30 World most Famous Logo, And The Font Used in Logo Design

Pando LogoFont if used in proper way, can act as logo. Flickr ,youtube etc are few examples. Most people Like me, while designing web page or while making logo,  take inspiration from logo of many already famous site . Here are list of most famous logo and font used in them .

Flickr Logo
Flickr — photo sharing
Font: Frutiger Black

PureVolume Logo
PureVolume — music promotion
Font: Avenir Book and Medium

Sutterfly Logo
Shutterfly — photo service
Font: Avenir Heavy (customized)

9rules Logo
9rules — web design network
Font: Helvetica Bold

PODZINGER — podcast search
Font: Interstate Black

Campfire Logo
Campfire — group chat
Font: Interstate Regular

YouTube Logo
YouTube — video sharing
Font: Alternate Gothic No. Two

Bloglines Logo
Bloglines — news aggregator
Font: ITC Officina Bold

Weblogs, Inc Logo
Weblogs, Inc. — blog network
Font: Syntax Bold

Wikipedia Logo
Wikipedia — collaborative reference

ClipShack Logo
ClipShack — video sharing
Font: VAG Rounded and Light obliqued

Zimbra Logo
Zimbra — collaborative calendar
Font: VAG Rounded Light

Wayfaring Logo
Wayfaring — custom Google Maps
Font: VAG Rounded (fattened with added stroke)

Kajeet Logo
Kajeet — mobile phone service
Font: VAG Rounded (custom ‘j’)

Zopa Logo Logo — musical social network
Font: ITC Ronda (customized)
Alternate: Avernus

Photobucket Logo
Photobucket — photo hosting
Font: Digital Sans Medium

Plazes Logo
Plazes — geographical networking
Font: Base 9 Regular SC

NewsGator Logo
NewsGator — RSS aggregator
Font: ITC Bauhaus Medium

ReminderFeed Logo
ReminderFeed — reminders via RSS
Font: FF Dot Matrix Two Regular

Technorati Logo
Technorati — weblog search tool
Font: Neo Sans Medium

TagWorld Logo
TagWorld — social networking
Font: Handel Gothic Bold

Shoutwire Logo
Shoutwire — news sharing
Font: Agency Bold

Zopa — lending exchange
Font: similar to Frankfurter Medium or Bryant Bold Alt

Pando Logo
Pando — file sharing
Font: similar to Bryant Medium Alt

MySpace Logo
MySpace — social networking
Font: Arial Rounded Bold and Bell Gothic Black

TracksLife Logo
TracksLife — personal database
Font: Arial Rounded Bold

Eventful Logo
Eventful — collaborative calendar
Font: Arial Rounded Bold (slightly smooshed)

Spongecell Logo
Spongecell — collaborative calendar
Font: Arial Rounded Extra Bold

Skype Logo
Skype — internet telephony
Font: Helvetica Rounded Bold

ShoZu Logo
ShoZu — photo sharing
Font: FF Cocon Bold

Tabblo and Tabblog — photo sharing
Font: FF Cocon Bold

Xanga Logo
Xanga — weblog community
Font: Trade Gothic No. 2 Bold and Light

FeedBurner Logo
FeedBurner — RSS optimization and tracking
Font: Trade Gothic Bold

Newsvine Logo
Newsvine — news sharing
Font: FF Meta Bold and Book

StandPoint Logo
StandPoint — belief sharing
Font: FF DIN Medium

DropSend — file sharing
Font: Frutiger Bold

Font: Hoefler Text

Socialtext Logo
Socialtext — enterprise wiki
Font: Lisboa Sans

Facebook Logo
Facebook — social networking
Font: Klavika (customized)
Also: cards with Vista Sans

Joyent Proxima
Joyent — small business server
Font: Proxima Nova (alt ‘a’)

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